Why We Sometimes Post about Watches

For some of you the answer may seem obvious. For many, this may seem odd or out of place. For us at VALT, it’s just another facet of automotive passion. Here’s a short answers why:

When you look deep into the history of watchmaking, you are diving into a craft that has been mastered over hundreds of years. Even the lightest of digging will indicate handheld time pieces dating back to the 15th century, in large part due to the invention of the the ever-integral “mainspring”. Inside each watch is an instrument that tells time. In some cases, this is battery powered. In other cases, it’s fully mechanical. As you might have guessed, we tend to focus on the mechanical pieces. The intricate nature of a watch movement makes it an incredibly interesting experience to learn about. Hundreds of pieces come together in a tiny form to create this movement. The level of precision required is second to none, and this is why we believe there’s a strong relationship to cars.

Let’s consider some examples for a moment. The reason why many of us are amazed by cars might be any mix of both their engineering and stylistic distinctions. For example, the BMW e28 m5 is a great vehicle because of its capability to move its 4 doors and 5 passengers at the fastest rate of speed for its time. It’s also striking as hell eve 35+ years later – a nice bonus. Now let’s take a look at a familiar watch; the Rolex Submariner for instance. This is an iconic piece with a style that is constantly replicated and copied. It also is backed by some impressive specs. It’s waterproof up to 300m and the movement inside is considered one of the toughest and most accurate in the industry. Is it the most beautiful piece? Well that is subjective but the simple answer is … no, there are many watches that supersede it. But it’s a watch you can take anywhere, beat to death, and enjoy all the same. Similar to the e28. They can do it all, then show up to a black tie event and fit right in. 

So, why are we making this one of our blogs today? The answer is simple. We want to feature your watch stories. Do you have some cool watches that you want to talk about? Did you buy specific pieces to go with the cars you have? We want to hear it all, and show it all.

Get ahold of us and let’s make your watch stories come alive.

This section will very shortly be supplemented by a video series, much like our talking cars segment. Cheers folks.

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  1. I respect the watch and automotive comparison. I don’t own a Rolex but I certainly appreciate it’s quality and simplicity in design.

    I own a TAG 200M dive watch purchased in Nov 1995. A day I will never forget as I was struck by the watches elegance and the TAG brands timepiece heritage.

    As a fireman in San Francisco I’ve performed multiple rescue operations and training drills in the Pacific Ocean surf. And along for the “call” was my elegant TAG Professional.

    I still use the watch regularly. It appears as new with minimal patina (scratches). Just like my track driven and daily used Porsche 997 Turbo.

    Thanks for allowing me to reflect on my history with this fine timepiece.

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