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Highlight Reel: Underground Rally #002

Our second Underground Rally is a wrap, and we’ve got some of the coverage for you. Thanks to everyone that managed to make it out at the break of dawn to enjoy some of Norcal’s finest roads. We had a blast. Roller Time We managed to pull some rollers of you all flying through the…

What’s For Sale?

1968 Jeep CJ5 This 1968 Jeep is simply cool. That’s why we’re featuring it. Fitted with an “oddfire” v6, this Jeep propels itself forward with 140 hp. Given the size of this Jeep, we expect it to be quite peppy.  A little rust here and there, but nothing that isn’t manageable. This Jeep was used…

Highlight Reel: Cars & Crafts #001

Here’s our regular recap, this time for our very first Cars and Crafts last Sunday at Canyon Club Brewery. If you didn’t make it, be sure to monitor those emails closely for the next number restricted event. We’ll be doing a minimum of one a month, with typically between 20-50 attendants. Enjoy the photos. If…

Talking Cars #003: Super Saloons with Soul

For our third installment of Talking Cars, we met up with Mike Ottati to chat about his adoration for Super Saloons. We shot some video (which will come to you later this week) and chatted about two iconic Sports Saloons: The BMW E35 M5 and the Mercedes-Benz 500E. Below you’ll find Mike’s history lesson and…

2021 Car Season Kickoff at the Shipyard



And it feels so good…

To kick off 2021, we’ll be back at the USS Hornet. This time, find us there on the Third Sunday of February (21st) from 9-11am.

Though it may be the new year, we still aren’t in the clear. Wear a mask, and give people space. We’ve kicked folks out for this before and we’ll do it again.

As usual, our good friends at Peet’s Coffee will be on site serving up some fresh coffee for all of you. To spice things up a bit, we’re going to be hosting our good friends at Breakfast Club Rally in their own private section. Keep your eyes out for the BCR section to the right of the Hornet. If you’d like to secure your own parking spot here, head over to the BCR website and follow the instructions. We’ll be joined again by our friends at Hemmings, who will be on site to serve YOU. Stop by our tent and grab some swag and maybe even a mag. First come, first served, so get there on time. And finally, we’ll be on site at our tent selling posters & stickers. Come pay a visit and hear a bit more about what we’ve got planned for 2021. We’ll give you the inside scoop about a project that we’re rolling out for 2021 (which we’ll be launching that day, in fact).

See you there folks 🚗. 🚙. 🏎. 💨