Highlight Reel: Underground Rally #002

Our second Underground Rally is a wrap, and we’ve got some of the coverage for you. Thanks to everyone that managed to make it out at the break of dawn to enjoy some of Norcal’s finest roads. We had a blast.

Roller Time

We managed to pull some rollers of you all flying through the fist section of Mines road. Some of the packs were a bit tight, and some of ya’ll were moving at damn-near light speed, so we weren’t able to snap a quality photo of every vehicle in the field. If we missed your car in the roller section, we’ll be sure to get it next time.

Pit Stop

We hit a quick pit stop at the Junction around 9am. We can’t wait for the place to open up again so we can all stop there for a longer break and some food. UGR#002 was quite the blitz. We’ll be sprinkling in a couple more breaks next time for photos, food, bathroom breaks and more.

Full Gallery

Check out the rest of the photos below. We’ll continue to expand on our media coverage, and have already sorted out our plan for video coverage at the next rally. That should be a real treat. Stay tuned and thanks for joining us, VALT members. We’ll see you all soon.

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