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Why Citroën was the Pioneering Misfit of the Car World

Words and photography Vijay Sankar (pink_helmet) … Arriving at the sprawling farm draped over the hilly landscape of Castro Valley, I was greeted by a sanctuary carefully preserving the cream of French automotive avant-garde. It was fitting that the entire locality felt detached from the modern world, seemingly living in its own dreamy bubble of…

Six Questions with Sreten of M539 Restorations

Words and photography by Vijay Sankar (@pink_helmet) When Jason Cammisa decided to host an impromptu meetup with the beloved creator of M539 Restorations—Sreten—we didn’t have to think twice about showing up. Nor did 100 or so others who flocked to that tiny corner of San Rafael on a day’s notice to exchange pleasantries with the…

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