1968 Jeep CJ5

This 1968 Jeep is simply cool. That’s why we’re featuring it. Fitted with an “oddfire” v6, this Jeep propels itself forward with 140 hp. Given the size of this Jeep, we expect it to be quite peppy. 

A little rust here and there, but nothing that isn’t manageable. This Jeep was used as an aid to a firehouse in Ohio for most of its life and, as such, has very low miles (just over 15k original). We believe that this is a great project for someone who wants a cool piece of history. Check it out! 

This is quite an expensive S124 Mercedes wagon. However, it may be one of the cleanest we’ve seen to date. The W124 isn’t collectible enough for people to start restoring yet. However, when they get to that point, the perfect original example units will begin to skyrocket. 

You’re buying this wagon for 2 reasons: the first would be because you want the perfect daily drivable wagon. The second would be to park 11k into an asset for 5-10 years as prices on these continue to rise.

1980 BMW e12

The e12 is the first generation 5 series. This one started life as a regular old 528i but has since been converted into an “M535i”, which includes an m30b35 (from an e34), updated suspension, recaro interior, a limited slip differential, and more. 

I’ve had an e28 with these exact mods, and although the e12 is regarded as a less dynamic driver’s experience, I’d imagine that this car is a rocket on the back roads. With the engine, this 5 series should have about 220 or so hp (considerably more than the original engine’s 175). The recaro seats are some of the most comfortable seats I’ve ever sat in, and the 3.64 differential will rev the m30 up quickly enough to enjoy on backroads. I suggest buying this before I do. 

1989 Mercedes 300CE

The second 124 to grace our list this month. The w124 chassis for Mercedes is slowly becoming a cult classic amongst Mercedes die hards. The coupes are quite rare, and although this one is painted in a boring color, the low miles is intriguing. Will these w124 pillarless couples go the way of the c123 coupe in value in rarity? Only time will tell. We think maybe, and at $5,500, this is a relatively good deal. Don’t let the photo framing dissuade.

This variant is outfitted with a pretty sluggish single overhead cam 6 cylinder engine. However, power is not what’s important here. These cars, when functioning properly, are fantastic cruisers. Lower the 4 windows down and take your wonderful pillarless box up and down hwy 1. You’ll thank us later. 

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