Highlight Reel: Underground Rally #001

On February 28, we decided to host our first organized drive. We blasted a message out to our email list 24 hours before to see who was interested in waking up early on a Sunday morning to do a quick drive. The sign ups were capped at 20 to keep the experience intimate and to keep traffic as low as possible. The point of the last minute sign up and low car count is to keep this interesting and make it feel a bit more “underground”. 

The morning of, we met at Fort Baker, an iconic photo spot overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. After sipping some Peet’s Coffee and conversing with each other for 30 or so minutes, we were on the road. 

Now, these roads are not new to the car world. In fact, they’re quite famous. When you’re able to get them to yourself, they’re breathtaking. We had a mix of freshly paved and rough roads. However, nothing to really put the car’s health in question. 

We had a great spread of cars. Purpose built driver’s cars like Cayman’s and Viper’s all the way to old executive sedans like 7 and 5 series BMWs graced us with their presence. 

A personal highlight of mine is hwy 1 near stinson beach. Trust me on this. Find a way to get out there before anyone else, and it’s one of the best places to be, period. I was lucky and had this road to myself. I was really able to wring out the #rallyboat 1984 733i, which is arguably a terrible car for this kind of thing. But, that’s the beauty of this kind of drive. It really doesn’t matter what you bring. You can drive your giant turd alongside a brand new 911 and hold your own just fine. The road is typically the limiting factor here, not the car. 

So, to summarize, our first ever Valt Drive was a success. You may be asking yourself, how can I get to one of these Valt Drives? The answer is very simple. Join the email list. Whenever we decide to go for a drive, you’ll be the first to know. Don’t like mountain roads with no cellular service? Fear not. We’re planning tailored drives for specific automobile genres. Valt is designed to be a community of the collective automotive enthusiast. Stay tuned! 

A special thank you to Donald Caven for providing us with some extra coverage from the event. See you all next time.

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