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Until now, many of you have known us for our two monthly shows in the East Bay – Second Sundays at the Shipyard and Fourth Sundays on Solano. If you’re a regular, you’ve probably become accustomed to our custom show posters (designed by our resident lunatic Eric Rothenhaus), our love of Peet’s Coffee (the Bay’s automotive enthusiast fuel of choice), and our passion for cultivating diversely populated automotive showspaces. 

What many of you might not be aware of are the plans to grow our offerings beyond these monthly shows. Over the coming years we will be rolling out a whole host of new ways to cultivate car culture in the Bay Area and beyond. Those initiatives start here, with five columns. To ramp up, we’ll be rolling out two new articles per week, each dedicated to a different column. 

  1. Shocked 

If you were at our most recent show you’ve had a peek into this first channel of content, which is devoted entirely to covering the EV space and showing just how freaking rad it can be. We’ll discuss OEM launches, technological innovations, and next-gen modders that are all changing what it means to be an automotive enthusiast. Buckle up, because we’re going plaid ladies and gents. 

  1. Talking Cars

Now this one is going to be a real treat. This is where we get to dig deep into our community to find out what makes it tick. We’ll feature garage spotlights, guest appearances, unique businesses, and much more. For now, this will remain a photojournalistic endeavor, but in time it will transform into one of our first ventures into video. 

  1. What’s for Sale?

What’s that? You need another excuse to fantasize about buying used cars during the workday? Well that’s good, because that’s pretty much all we do here at VALT. Here’s a selection of some of our favorite finds online. 

  1. Highlight Reel

Recap time. Highlight Reel will review our most recent event, offering an in-depth recap for those who attended and a detailed overview for those that weren’t able to make it out. Just like talking cars, this will start out a photojournalistic review but quickly be accompanied by videos to enhance the experience. We’ll look at sponsor presentations, award winners, merchandise, and many other highs (and lows) from each show. 

  1. What’s on My Wrist? 

Anyone paying close attention to our social media will note a peppering of watch enthusiasm. This column will take that to the next level with an overview of timepieces that get us particularly excited. Led by Joe Ottati (our very own Ben Clymer), this column will be our first foray into the lifestyle element of car culture. 

And there you have it. We’re excited to have all of you joining us on this, and look forward to bringing you a regular source of entertainment outside of the showspace. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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