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  • The Lamborghini Miura Experience

    The Lamborghini Miura Experience

    Words and photography by Vijay Sankar (@pink_helmet) … A solid wall of thunderous wails echoed through the woods lining the Fairfax-Bolinas Road. Flocks of birds were dislodged from mountain sides at the arrival of the exhaust note rocking their world. As much as the visual presence is iconic, the noise of the Miura precedes it. […]

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  • BMW E60 M5–The Power of Ten

    BMW E60 M5–The Power of Ten

    There is electric throttle response throughout the rev range, and it makes peak power at its manic top end near 8000 RPM. It punches well low in the rev range, but boy does it pay to rev it out to the climax. The motor hits so hard at the top after a linear climb through the tach that it feels like it would almost do a wheelie. In M Mode, the individual throttle bodies make the pedal razor sharp, dancing to millimetric movements of your right foot. It’s breathtaking and intoxicating to embark on the journey from 4000 to 8250 RPM. And it sings with an induction note that makes NA BMW engines from the era so memorable. Every single time.

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  • Tales from The California Automobile Museum

    Tales from The California Automobile Museum

    VALT Stories is a series that brings together car culture tales worth sharing from the Bay Area. This series embodies everything from photo essays on notable cars to selected narratives of the stewards of automotive enthusiasm in the community. … Gabriel Ionica serves as the Communications Coordinator at California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. He is […]

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