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Why Citroën was the Pioneering Misfit of the Car World

Words and photography Vijay Sankar (pink_helmet) … Arriving at the sprawling farm draped over the hilly landscape of Castro Valley, I was greeted by a sanctuary carefully preserving the cream of French automotive avant-garde. It was fitting that the entire locality felt detached from the modern world, seemingly living in its own dreamy bubble of…

Six Questions with Sreten of M539 Restorations

Words and photography by Vijay Sankar (@pink_helmet) When Jason Cammisa decided to host an impromptu meetup with the beloved creator of M539 Restorations—Sreten—we didn’t have to think twice about showing up. Nor did 100 or so others who flocked to that tiny corner of San Rafael on a day’s notice to exchange pleasantries with the…

BMW Z3 M Coupe: The Weird And The Wonderful

All images are from a recent BMW Z3 M Coupe reunion photoshoot held in the Bay Area. Thanks to Rich (@dasblaushu) and the rest of the M Shoe owners for making this gathering happen. Words and photos by Vijay Sankar (@pink_helmet). … Some of the most interesting cars ever made have taken form without express…

The Lamborghini Miura Experience

Words and photography by Vijay Sankar (@pink_helmet) … A solid wall of thunderous wails echoed through the woods lining the Fairfax-Bolinas Road. Flocks of birds were dislodged from mountain sides at the arrival of the exhaust note rocking their world. As much as the visual presence is iconic, the noise of the Miura precedes it.…

You’re invited to the Teeny Tiny Car Show

Join us on September 17th in the evening for a show featuring tiny cars! If you know anyone that may be interested in bringing a tiny car, let us know. Tiny drinks and food provided. We’ll start at 6pm and finish when we want to go home.Address: 548 Cleveland Ave Albany, CAMore info to come…

2021 Car Season Kickoff at the Shipyard



And it feels so good…

To kick off 2021, we’ll be back at the USS Hornet. This time, find us there on the Third Sunday of February (21st) from 9-11am.

Though it may be the new year, we still aren’t in the clear. Wear a mask, and give people space. We’ve kicked folks out for this before and we’ll do it again.

As usual, our good friends at Peet’s Coffee will be on site serving up some fresh coffee for all of you. To spice things up a bit, we’re going to be hosting our good friends at Breakfast Club Rally in their own private section. Keep your eyes out for the BCR section to the right of the Hornet. If you’d like to secure your own parking spot here, head over to the BCR website and follow the instructions. We’ll be joined again by our friends at Hemmings, who will be on site to serve YOU. Stop by our tent and grab some swag and maybe even a mag. First come, first served, so get there on time. And finally, we’ll be on site at our tent selling posters & stickers. Come pay a visit and hear a bit more about what we’ve got planned for 2021. We’ll give you the inside scoop about a project that we’re rolling out for 2021 (which we’ll be launching that day, in fact).

See you there folks 🚗. 🚙. 🏎. 💨


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