Robert Eppley

Co-Founder, Event Partnerships & Operations; Energizer Bunny.

With wrenching skills that rival a monkey with a hammer, Robert isn’t exactly the VALT mechanic. Ironically, though, his love of cars started at the age of 6 with an inherited cream over black 52 MG TD. One time he took apart the MG’s broken starter motor because a youtube video (and too much coffee) gave him false confidence. After that fiasco, he’s learned to leave it to the professionals. Though he holds a dual B.A. in Biology and Political Science from Swarthmore College, his professional experience lies in brand strategy consulting and freelance automotive photography.

Robert has no particular brand allegiances today, and his car history shows it. That being said, he grew up infatuated with American Muscle, and picked up a ’68 RS/SS Camaro when he graduated college two years ago. It’s been a slippery slope since then.

Current Project: 1986 325es M30 Turbo

Current Daily: 2007 Acura TL Type-S 6spd

Current Garage Queen: 1968 350 RS/SS Camaro 4spd


Looking to be a registered show sponsor, discuss a media collaboration, or hear more about the vision for VALT? Shoot Robert a message.

Joe Ottati

Co-Founder, Rally & Event Coordinator; Timeline Enforcer.

Joe’s love of cars started in the back seat of his dad’s BMW e39 m5 when he was just 7 years old. He recalls a vivid memory of his dad peeling out of his school’s parking lot. What Joe noticed most at that moment were the smells, the noises and the general feel of the ride. Ever since that moment, he’s been obsessed with the little things. While he was completing his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and his master’s degree in Business Management at Saint Mary’s College of California, he founded a specialty restoration and sales business called Distinguished Auto Group, where he focused on high end detailing and ground up restorations. At that shop, he restored mostly vintage BMW and Mercedes, and is now known for his extreme attention to detail when it comes to car detailing and restoration. He obsesses over relatively stupid things like correct screws, clips, and even interior smells. Although he’s been a BMW and Mercedes guy most of his life, he enjoys the occasional Range Rover Classic and is currently searching for his next marquee to explore.

Current Project: 1981 Mercedes 280t, single owner (euro spec)

Current Daily: 2019 Volkswagen GTI 6-speed “Rabbit” Edition

Current Garage Queen: 1988 BMW M5

Current POS That He Takes On Backroads: 1984 BMW 733i 5spd w/ 3.8 liter m30


Looking to join us on a drive or suggest a route? Want to hear more about future projects? Shoot Joe a message.

Eric Rothenhaus

Co-Founder, Creative Director & Designer; Ever head of “the road less traveled”? Well, he paved it.

Eric discovered his passion in his early twenties, and hasn’t worked a day since… is what he might tell you over a beer. But we all know that’s a damn lie. Eric is an unstoppable workhorse. He’s gathered quite the collection of cars over the years, and has a knack for breathing unique life into forgotten & tired projects. One day VALT will have a warehouse large enough to get Eric’s 20+ cars together in one place.

Though he originally practiced as an automotive designer, his professional career is predominantly in the fashion and outerwear industry. After operating as design director for VFC for 6 years, Eric went on to pursue work in the sneaker and streetwear spaces, where much of his work will soon come to market through some of the biggest names in the industry. A product designer by trade, Eric sets out on each build with a unique destination in mind. At VALT, Eric is flexing those same creative muscles to drive merchandise development, curate show spaces, build us an office to die for and create a unique brand.

Current Project: There’s a lot of em. Classic Jeeps are a current fascination, though.

Current Daily: We’re pretty sure Eric doesn’t know what a “daily” is.

Current Garage Queen: There are also a few too many of these…


Looking to talk merchandise, co-branding, streetwear, or creative vision? Shoot Eric a message.