Event Coverage by Fuel Supply Co.

Be sure to check out the Fuel Supply Co. website following this Sunday’s event to see our event captured through their lens (it’s a damn good lens, too).

This means that most of us can sit back and enjoy the show without having to snap hundreds of photos. That’s a nice feeling for everyone.

See you there 🏎 💨 🚗 💨


VALT & Hemmings


We’re proud to boast our partnership with the Hemmings team, and excited to have Mike Musto back on site this Sunday.

Get there early, because Mike will be passing out co-branded swag at our tent for the very cool price of $0 (while supplies last, of course).

That’s all for now. Stay updated for more announcements and see you all there 🚗. 🚙. 🏎. 💨


LUCID MOTORS prototype announcement for february 21 CCIV

LUCID at the February 21 Car Season Kickoff

Calling all EVs! If you’ve got an interesting electric vehicle that you’d like to bring out, shoot us a DM and let’s chat. With the arrival of the LUCID, we’re looking to increase our Shocked EV Section ⚡️ (we see you out there @retjenu).

We’re floored to be sharing this news with all of you. On February 21, Lucid Motors will be bringing out a pre-production vehicle that has never before been seen in public. We’ve got some pretty sweet plans in the pipeline to show them a good time, and can’t wait to share all of that content with you down the road. 

See you in February ⚡️ 🏎 💨 🚗 💨


2021 Car Season Kickoff at the Shipyard



And it feels so good…

To kick off 2021, we’ll be back at the USS Hornet. This time, find us there on the Third Sunday of February (21st) from 9-11am.

Though it may be the new year, we still aren’t in the clear. Wear a mask, and give people space. We’ve kicked folks out for this before and we’ll do it again.

As usual, our good friends at Peet’s Coffee will be on site serving up some fresh coffee for all of you. To spice things up a bit, we’re going to be hosting our good friends at Breakfast Club Rally in their own private section. Keep your eyes out for the BCR section to the right of the Hornet. If you’d like to secure your own parking spot here, head over to the BCR website and follow the instructions. We’ll be joined again by our friends at Hemmings, who will be on site to serve YOU. Stop by our tent and grab some swag and maybe even a mag. First come, first served, so get there on time. And finally, we’ll be on site at our tent selling posters & stickers. Come pay a visit and hear a bit more about what we’ve got planned for 2021. We’ll give you the inside scoop about a project that we’re rolling out for 2021 (which we’ll be launching that day, in fact).

See you there folks 🚗. 🚙. 🏎. 💨



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